@Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony

@Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony

Releases 07 March 2014

1. Weightless
2. Hug Your Mum
3. No Stars In The City
4. Stranger
5. Playdough’s Cave
6. Made
7. Gravity
8. Lite Year
9. Out Dear
10. Dust
11. Matter



@peace Noise Symphony

Saturday 15 March – Bodega – Wellington

Friday 14 March – Monte Cristo Room – Auckland


@peace bio

Five dudes that can’t shave who spent the majority of science class in the dean’s office have come together to make an album about determinism, singularity and other things they don’t know how to spell. Their first EP was about monoism or some hippie shit like that, then they did a whole load of broken ass love songs about polygamy. They must have the attention span of a moth. Don’t be surprised if next year Christoph El Truento starts curling professionally and moves to tibet.